idols high res 3000x3000 digital outlets

Devil may care through this hell until I remember my motives
I wanna be extraordinary but sometimes I lose focus

Never been called charismatic but I swear I tried
Muscle memory moves your hand to my spine
If they say god grieves who I become in this life
Maybe I’ll do better next time

To death to my idols and death of the author
It’s age of releasing the demons I’ve fostered
Lost some old skin at the expense of my teeth
But it’s worth the enamel not to recognize me
If family and heroes and lovers alike
All jump from bridges of the same height
I’m not holding out hope that somethings waiting for me
But I guess we’ll see

Underwhelmed with my default after waking from my latest low
I’ve wasted time rotting in hopes that in this lull, some nerve grows

Curtain call came, I tripped into my bow
Stirred in my grave, scarred my hands climbing out
I think I’ve changed but can’t be sure of how
I just know my voice is different now