KNOW YOU WERE high res 3000x3000 digital

I'm trying not to reminisce
I'm learning to exist within this new found disillusionment
m still haunted by phantom pains and can't tell the difference
Between the vows you meant and the lies I assigned significance

I’m more lonely than you know
I don't lament the loss of you, but of the life that I let go
Reinvented all I was and now I've nothing left to show
I finally see your true face, but I don't recognize my own

I, I know you were
I, I know I was

I need to feel good for one day
But I admit, the omens don't seem to favor me as of late
I try to reflect bits of sun but end up drowning in the shade
Now my mirrors only reveal new parts of me that have decayed

Every ending is the same
But I can't take the buildup anymore so I will bear the blame
Grit my teeth as I hold my naive hands palms up in the flame
Til I swear I've forgotten how your voice sounds saying my name