man who wasn't there high res 3000x3000

The ghost of my past
The ghost in my path
Follow me home
Please take me in

I’d enjoy the company
Of a stranger lacking a heartbeat
A small reminder that I'm not alone just lonely

The ghost my darling, darling, dear
Stay up with me and I won’t fear
They speak but I do not listen
The ghost and I, we dance ‘fore I die, falling far too quickly
Wondering why it picked me

The choice, a lie, too dead to die
I felt it calmly passing
Like I am absolutely nothing,
A reflection of my past dream

A dream sounds nice
With fear on ice
I turned too quick, got the lights in my eyes
Screaming all the way down
I’ve only been here, my friends aren’t around
You knew and I knew we can’t go through

Stay away, dear god
It’s me
I became what I’ve always seen

Living in my house alone, your empty soul, concrete windows
Pointless living, lying, dead
You’re not a ghost
You are to me
Live my life in your pipe dreams